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Belire Boxers in the UK

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Belire Boxers invites you to view a picture gallery showing some of our most treasured Boxer dogs and Boxer pups, stretching back over thirty years.

This site is not a commercial venture, we are simply Boxer enthusiasts who wish to share with you the enjoyment of breeding, showing and judging Boxers, but most of all, living with them.

If you have a passion for Boxer dogs from the UK, the Continent, or the United States, then there is sure to be at least one picture on here to take your breath away.

Inside our site, you will find much information concerning buying, owning, training, showing and breeding Boxers based on our experience, videos of Boxers from around the world and links to other Boxer Kennels and related sites.

In the run up to the tail docking ban in the UK, we decided that we could not breed Boxers any longer in the knowledge that they had a chance of damaging long tails, so we concentrated on our Bulldogs and Shih Tzu's.

We now live in Southern Spain where we have recommenced our breeding program, as they can still be docked legally there. Our Bulldogs, Pugs and Shih Tzu's are also now resident in Spain, where we will continue to show and breed them occasionally.

Puppies are now only available for sale in Spain, but we are happy to export to approved buyers in the UK. Please contact us for more details.

If you would like to visit our Spanish web site to view our latest dogs,
it is